Dear Parishioners,
The New Church Planning Committee would like to provide an update as to how the plans for constructing the new church are moving forward.

As noted in the last update, we had to wait for our new Bishop to be installed and continue discussions with the county officials at New Kent. In February, the Diocese asked us to schedule with and meet with the county to restart the process. The New Church Planning Committee, Deacon Paul Mahefky from the Diocese, and our contractor team (Evan's Construction and Engineering Design Associates) met with the county on February 21st to discuss the requirements they were adding to the project to include: city water, fire hydrant, paved and lighted parking lot and landscaping plan. At that meeting, the county basically resolved that we would have to connect to city water and add the fire hydrant. This is estimated to cost us an additional $80,000 to $100,000 for the project. Unfortunately, the county official that makes the decision on the other items was not present. Evans Construction has been working to reschedule a meeting to discuss those items, however, based on the first meeting we are not confident that we will receive any concessions on the parking lot and landscaping.

There are more meetings coming shortly to further discuss the issues with the county. We have asked the contractor team to provide us with updated estimates on the building with the addition of all county requested items to see what the total project costs could be. We have also asked the Diocese to clarify what their contribution and financing plan would be for this project. The good news, it appears the Diocese is anxious to see this project move forward. However, we will need to see how the financing plan with the Diocese works out and if we will have to work on raising more funds in addition to funds already raised through Living Our Mission. We ask all parishioners to continue to bear with us as we work through some of these details to accomplishing the goal of construction of our new church.

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the members of the New Church Planning Committee: Fr. Scott, Greg Barlage, David Shields, Paul Tran, Harold Wayne and Phil Worrell.