Dear Parishioners,
We wanted to provide an update to the current new church building plans. We received feedback from New Kent county upon our submitted plans for the construction of the new church. The county has added some substantial items to the plan that we were hoping to avoid in the initial construction based on other church building activity in New Kent. The added items include the addition of a fully paved parking lot (plan was partial paving), lighting of the entire parking lot, possible change to the entrance to the property from Route 60, running the county water supply under Route 60 to the site including the installation of a fire hydrant, possibly major changes to the current runoff plan which was approved in 2009 for a new church and full parking lot, and new landscaping around the entire perimeter of the site. All of these items will add substantial cost to the project and we have been working on getting an estimate for that.

Our plan was to go to the county, explain our situation and hopefully gain variances to some of these requirements so that we could reduce the initial investment. However, with the untimely death of Bishop DiLorenzo a couple of months ago, the diocese has been forced to put a hold on all capital projects not currently in the construction process. Therefore, we have delayed any meetings with the county until we get feedback from the diocese that we are able to proceed. We are still hopeful that we can continue the process once the new bishop arrives, work with the county on variances and then attain the funds needed to eventually start construction. The delay is frustrating for all of us, but we intend to persevere and eventually construct our new church.

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the members of the New Church Building Committee: Fr. Scott, Greg Barlage, David Shields, Paul Tran, Harold Wayne and Phil Worrell.