Dear Parishioners,

Last week the Chief Financial Officer, Mike McGee, Director of Real Estate, Rev. Mr. Paul Mehefky and Executive Director of the Catholic Community Foundation, Margaret Keightley (all from our Diocese) had a meeting with a few requested parish representatives and our current selected contractor to discuss plans for the new church and what we would need to do to reengage and continue on the path of building a new church. As noted in prior communications, there were items that New Kent county requires us to have incorporated into our building plans that would add cost to the project.

We discussed which items the county may allow us not to do and items that would definitely be required. Based on the discussions it was determined that a paved, lighted parking lot and county water service are items the county will not wave for this project. The landscaping and sidewalks can most likely be delayed or eliminated due to how our property is zoned. After discussion, it was decided that we will proceed getting a fully engineered site plan that we believe will meet county expectations and get a final revised estimate for all of the construction. Our contractor has estimated this can be completed by mid to late October. At that time we will meet with the county again and hope to get approval to proceed. We do know that the changes will increase the building costs, but the Diocese staff are confident that with their assistance, we can build a financing plan to proceed.

As the plan progresses, the Diocese is planning to assist us in conducting a parish-wide meeting (date and time to be announced) to further communicate the final plan.

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the members of the New Church Planning Committee: Fr. Scott, Greg Barlage, David Shields, Paul Tran, Harold Wayne and Phil Worrell.