2014-06-106:00 AM7:00 PMPrimary ElectionSEAS Social Hall is one of the polling locations in Quinton. All Primary Elections are open to any registered voter in the county. The final day to register to vote in the June 10, 2014 Primary Election is May 19, 2014. The New Photo Voter ID Law will go into effect on July 1, 2014. For the November General Election, everyone must have a valid photo ID in order to vote. No longer will your voter card be acceptable proof of identification (but will still have important info on that card to retain). H
2014-06-1010:00 AMBible StudyThe AFF program sponsors adult bible study each Tuesday morning at 10am in the conference room. All are welcome.L
2014-06-1011:00 AMDaily MassDaily Mass - in the Church.C