Sundays, April 28th-May 19th: Gospel Overview
Have you ever wondered about the differences in the Gospel? Join us on Sundays from 9:30-10:30 AM in the SEAS Conference Room as we take a look at the differences between the four Gospels. For more details, please contact Donna Thomson at 804-932-3388.

Have You Ever Wondered What Is Involved In Becoming A Catholic?
If you or someone you know has never been baptized or were baptized in another Christian denomination and would like more information on what it means to become a Catholic then you are invited to meet with a small group of individuals that are taking a closer look at the Catholic faith. Anyone interested in learning what is involved in becoming Catholic is encouraged to join us. Please share this invitation with family, friends, co-workers and any neighbors who may have asked questions about the Catholic faith. For questions, please contact Rel. Ed. Coordinator, Donna Thomson, at 804-932-3388.

SEAS Lending Library:
The St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church Lending Library is available for use in the Commons Area of the Church. If you would like to borrow items for some summer reading, there is a sign-out sheet next to the bookshelf to borrow items for up to three weeks. Thank you!

Private Prayer Time:
If you would like to schedule private prayer time in the Church during the week, please call the parish office at 804-932-4125 and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you.